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Egg Donation & Donor Eggs

The act of donating and utilizing donated eggs for ART practices isn’t a new concept. The practice goes way back in 1983, Australia, where the first child to be born through egg donation confirmed.

The person who donates eggs to other couples is known as an egg donor and the act is termed as egg donation. Egg donation or donor eggs are recommended for couples who are unable to attain a natural conception due to;

  • Age
  • Certain chronic diseases
  • Physical deformity
  • Poor quality eggs
  • Premature Ovarian Failure/menopause
  • Higher chances of chromosomal abnormalities in a child
  • Oophorectomy
  • Failed IVF cycles
  • Low antral follicle counts on an ultrasound
  • High day 3 follicle stimulating hormone levels (FSH)
  • Medications like chemotherapy or radiation

Who can or can’t donate eggs?

The action of egg donation is crucial since it involves bringing new life into this world. And for that matter, various protocols imposed by the government or IVF centres must be followed during egg donation. The following can donate eggs;

  • Healthy women
  • Women aged below 30 years
  • Those who may have naturally conceived
  • Those with no history of miscarriages
  • Women with an anatomically normal pelvic reproductive tract confirmed through ultrasound scans
  • Women with a normal hormonal profile

The process of Egg Donation at Eva Hospital

The act of using donor egg in India during Assisted Reproductive technologies initially requires discernment in which the couple confirms its interest and affordability.

An egg donor selected by the couple will be screened for various infections or diseases. In other cases, an egg donor may remain anonymous to the couple for various reasons.

Just like surrogacy, a couple may need to incur additional charges for the ovarian stimulation process, a donor’s medical charges and so on.

Once the eggs are retrieved from the donor, they will be fertilized using the intended father’s sperms and the recipient woman will be prepared for embryo transfer once the uterine lining is ready.

Which cost should I expect?

Donor eggs aren’t costly and for that matter, the donor egg cost in India can be expected to range from Rs. 5000 to 1 lakh depending on the desired approach.

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