Effect of PID on Fertility in Women

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Effect of PID on Fertility in Women

What Is Meant By Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Or PID?

PID is an infection which majorly affects the reproductive system. If PID goes unnoticed or untreated, it leads to major blockages, also called adhesions. Adhesions are where fleshy tissue is stuck together which causes fertility issues, especially if occurred near fallopian tubes.

How Do Females Come To Know They Are Suffering From It?

One should look for these things:

  • Pain in the rectal
  • Color change in the discharge of vagina
  • Unexpected bleeding from vaginal area, bleeding post sex or spotting in between periods
  • Discomfort and pain while making love
  • Pain in the abdomen or pelvic area

How does PID Affect Fertility?

Since infection proceeds via the reproductive system unnoticed, it starts affecting the health of fallopian tubes, ovaries, along with uterine lining. After some time, swelling and injury from PID lead to unbearable pain and thus cause fertility issues. Many women with this disorder have issues fertilizing. PID is also one of the major causes of blockage in the fallopian tube, hence affecting infertility in women.

But on the other hand, if PID is noticed and treated early, then it the chances of pregnancy are higher.

What Are The Reasons For This To Occur?

  • Have been transmitted Sexually transmitted diseases in the past or your partner has.
  • Do not use protection while love making.
  • Are below 25 years of age.
  • Started doing sex at a young age.
  • Keep changing your partners for doing sex.

What Is The Infertility Treatment While Suffering From PID?

The infertility treatment in PID is mainly used of antibiotics. Even a little bit of delay in treatment can cause damage to your fallopian tubes and ovaries alike, which in turn will affect your health in the years to come. Both you and your partner will be asked to take antibiotics so that the infection doesn’t spread from one person to another.

Your doctor will ask you to take multiple antibiotics so that all the infections which are most commonly caused by PID are cured in a proper way.

Your doctor is likely to advise you to get some rest and take painkillers. She’ll advise you to be sure you complete your course of antibiotics, which may last two weeks. To prevent re-infection, you shouldn’t have sex, including oral and anal sex, until you and your partner have completed the course of treatment.

Your doctor may also ask you to take some rest along with some painkillers. Also, the doctor will make sure that you complete your course of antibiotic so that the treatment process is in full swing.




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