Don’t get stressed, just because 1 – 2 IVF cycles didn’t work for you

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Don’t get stressed, just because 1 – 2 IVF cycles didn’t work for you

Many studies keep happening every other day, but a new one, says that trials to bear a child, through IVF is surely the key to success. Research also says that the more couples try; the greater are their chances of the lady conceiving.
The level of having a live birth through IVF is not very clear, though. The current conception is that couples have to mostly go for 3- 4 embryo transfers before losing hope.

A new study states that the main aim is to find the count of live births for every IVF cycle and also the cycles that follow.
In order to get to that, objective, more studies were taken place, especially from women based in United Kingdom. The participants were again asked to follow up, the duration of infertility was 4 years (if not more) and age of treatment was around 35 years.

The outcome showed that the rate of live births during the first cycle of treatment was around 30%, rate continued to be more than 20% until the fourth cycle. Once the prediction was altered, the progressive rate of live birth in all cycles bloomed to ninth cycle. During the 6th one, the live birth rate reached somewhere between 67 percent.

Women who were 40 or younger, age-wise, who used their own egg cells, and the rate of live births in the first cycle was reported to be 32percent. Rate gradually increased to 69 percent by the sixth cycle.

The live birth rate for women aged 40 – 42 years old, during their first cycle is found to be 12 percent, during the sixth one, the cumulative rate after adjusting forecast was somewhere 32 percent.

But, women who were aged 42 years and above projected less than 4 percent in each cycle.

The more the attempts, the more the chances of effective conceiving

Couples failing to produce a live birth after many attempts of IVF treatments, stop giving it a try. Doctors also say that 3 unsuccessful trials, is termed as “repeat implantation failure”.

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