Does Uterine Tract Tilt Affects A Woman’s Fertility?

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Does Uterine Tract Tilt Affects A Woman’s Fertility?

We all know about the structure and function of the female reproductive system. The conception usually takes place in the fallopian tubes after which the fertilized egg gets implanted in the uterus. It is the reproductive organ in which the baby grows when the woman is pregnant. In layman terms, it is known as the womb. If we look closely, the uterus is shaped like a pear. The uterus is connected to the walls of the pelvis by flexible ligaments which enable it to move forward or backward. Accordingly, the uterus may be tilted forward or backward. Some people speculate whether the uterine tract affects female infertility. According to gynae, the women have either a forward tilted or a backward tilted uterus.

Does The Tilt Of The Uterus Affect Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant?

Not many people know but the uterus may be tilted in two directions. Accordingly, the uterus is known as the anteverted uterus or retroverted uterus.

Anteverted Uterus – When the uterus is tilted towards the front of the abdomen, it is called Anteverted uterus.

Most of the women don’t know what the direction in which their uterus is tilted . A pelvic exam or an ultrasound will help you in determining it. An anteverted uterus does not affect the chances of conception in a woman. The tilt of the uterus does not affect the sperm’s ability to reach the uterus. If a woman with an anteverted uterus is having problems in getting pregnant, chances are that she might be having some other reason for it. An anteverted uterus doesn’t cause any problems in sexual interaction and conception. It is as normal as having a different color of eyes. It is not considered to be an anomaly or a disease. Three-fourths of women have an anteverted uterus but there is no need to get it rectified as it does not pose any problems. Thus , changing the tilt  of the uterus is not a part of infertility treatment.

Retroverted Uterus – When the uterus is tilted backward, it is known as retroverted uterus.

About one-fourth of women have a  retroverted uterus. But it does not pose any problems with reproduction and sexual interaction. It may cause some problems in the first trimester of pregnancy. The symptoms which a woman with retroverted uterus faces are backache and UTI during pregnancy. It may also pose problems in locating the baby during an ultrasound. The uterus tilt gets corrected itself during the second trimester. If it fails to do so, it may lead to an increase in the risk of miscarriage, but it rarely happens.

Infertility and Uterine Tract

By now,  you must have got the message clear that the tilt of the uterus does not affect your chances of getting pregnant. If you are having problems getting pregnant, then it could be due to other reasons. It is important that you consult your doctor about the possible reasons you might be having for your inability to conceive. It will be beneficial for both of you as it will help in diagnosing the exact cause and proceeding with the treatment plan.

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