Test Tube Baby & IVF Procedure, Cost & Success Ratio

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Test Tube Baby & IVF Procedure, Cost & Success Ratio

Complete Guide To Ivf-In Vitro Fertilization (Ivf)

IVF is the growing procedure that is being preferred by the many couples for growing their families for many decades. It is considered as one of the most effective procedures among all other technologies used for treating infertilities. This IVF guide will provide you with all relevant information about this advanced procedure and will clear your doubts about it if you have any.

What is the IVF procedure?

IVF is referred to as In Vitro Fertilization; it is the advanced method of assisted reproductive technology or ART. It is the method that facilitates the artificial conception with the fertilization of the egg outside the body. This procedure is the lab-based procedure and has been completed in the following steps

  1. Step 1 involves the induced ovulation in which fertility drugs are induced in the women ovaries to produce the healthy follicles so that matured and healthy eggs can be obtained
  2. Step 2 involves the collection of the egg means in this step healthy and matured eggs are retrieved from the ovaries of the intended mothers by inducing the thin tube through the vagina. This retrieval process is done under local anesthesia or sedatives so that patient could not feel pain. If the women cannot produce eggs then donor eggs can be used for IVF treatment in Punjab and even surrogacy is also option chosen by many for having a baby with IVF.
  3. Step 3 is done on the same day of egg collection it involves the collection of sperm sample for the male partner. If the male partner is having an issue with sperms like low or no sperm count and even having unhealthy sperms then donor sperm can also be used for completing the cycle.
  4. Step 4 is the most crucial step of the IVF process as in this step fertilization of the egg occurs. In this step female egg and male sperm are kept together under the controlled conditions of the lab that mimic the mother womb.
  5. Step 5 is the step in which eggs get fertilized and develop into the embryos then the healthiest embryo is selected and implanted back in the mother womb for successful pregnancy. As per the permission and preference of the couple, their eggs sperms and embryos can be frozen for their future use and even for the use of others but it happens purely with the will of intending couples.

Can other procedures be combined with IVF?

 Can other procedures be combined with IVF?

IVF is effective and result oriented procedure but to raise the chances of its success some treatments can be combined with it as follows

  1. ICSI- Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is the procedure in which single sperm is injected in the egg to ensure the fertilization of the egg. This procedure can be combined with IVF when the male partners have the issue with sperms means with low or no sperm count or having unhealthy sperms with low motility or speed.
  2. PGS/CCS is the procedure refers to Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening and Comprehensive Chromosome Screening respectively. It is the procedure in which before implanting the developing embryo into the womb of the mother it has been examined and analyzed for any genetic or chromosomal error so that patient could have the best and healthy embryo for the healthy pregnancy.
  3. Blastocyst Transfer is also one method which is generally performed only in the best IVF center in India to ensure the successful and healthy pregnancy. In this technique when the embryo gets to transform into the blastocyst after the 6-7 days of egg fertilization then it is implanted in the womb to higher up the chances of successful and healthy implantation.

How much IVF costs?

IVF cost in India is quite reasonable as with justified cost patients can get the best and standardized treatment in India. Otherwise, the cost of this procedure is not fixed or same all over the world in some countries it is higher and in some countries like India, it is quite less. There are some factors that may influence the cost of this treatment like doctor fee , hospital charge, medication charges, charges for some physical tests performed before, during and after IVF cycle, cost of the procedure combined with IVF , if there is any and even nature and reason of patient’s infertility can also affect the cost of procedure.

What is the effectiveness of the IVF procedure with frozen eggs or sperms?

In the past days, it was difficult to ensure the success of IVF procedure with frozen eggs or sperms but these days due to emergence of advanced technique vitrification it is possible to get the successful IVF treatment with frozen eggs or sperms and even embryos as this technique to ensure the zero percent damage of eggs, embryos or sperms while preservation. Thus with this technique, there is no need to worry about the healthy pregnancy even if you have taken treatment with frozen eggs, sperms or embryos. Moreover, the CCS technique also ensures the implantation of the healthiest embryo without any genetic defects so there is nothing to worry about the effectiveness of treatment with frozen eggs or sperms.


What is the age to get the IVF treatment?

As per the studies after the age of 35, women fertility levels start going down and even the quality of their eggs get lower so this can be the maximum age limit for taking IVF treatment, but due to advancements of technology this treatment of having baby with artificial and out of body conception can be taken even after the age of late 30s. it is possible today to get your baby with IVF even if you are of 50 as this treatment can give successful pregnancy with donated eggs.

Is there need of complete bed rest after having IVF?

Well, IVF is the non-invasive lab-based procedure so there is no need of hospitalization during this procedure and even you routine work will also not suffer during the IVF procedure. When the embryo is implanted back into the womb then bed rest can be advised for at least one week to prevent miscarriage, infection, implantation failure.

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