Common Risk factors of PCOS

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Common Risk factors of PCOS

PCOS is a hormonal disorder in ladies who are at their reproductive age. The main symptom of PCOS condition is abnormalities in the menstrual cycle. If you are not aware of the risk factors of this PCOS condition then you must read this article. And only then you are able to treat your condition.

PCOS is explained as polycystic ovary syndrome, which is usually a hormonal disorder in women of reproductive age. The main symptom of PCOS is a prolonged menstrual cycle. There are some other signs of PCOS are ovaries of the ladies are unable to perform the function properly, higher levels of Androgens, and cysts in the ovaries which are responsible for infertility in women. In order to treat these conditions, you need to visit the best gynae so that he can treat you well.

Risk factors of PCOS


High levels of insulin in your body lead to many health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, heart disorders, swelling on feet, and PCOS. In which PCOS is on the top because high levels of insulin in your body is responsible for excessive production of a male hormone called androgens in your body. This excessive growth of hormones causes this PCOS condition. In order to treat PCOS, you need to avoid sugary foods and drinks because these contain a high level of sugar.


Obesity and PCOS are linked together, there are two main reasons behind obesity are unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle. Higher levels of insulin also lead to obesity. So, in order to get rid of this health condition, you need to go for a walk daily or change or dietary habits.

Genetic factors

This is the strong risk factor of PCOS, if you siblings or any other family member is suffering from PCOS or had this condition in previous, then you are at greater risk of PCOS. Due to this, you may experience hair loss, acne, and other health conditions. PCOS treatment is necessary to treat all these conditions. You can also take the genetic test so that you can predict the condition in advance.

Stress and Anxiety

These are other risk factors for PCOS condition. Deep stress and Anxiety can lead to hormonal changes, which are further linked to PCOS problem. So, it is necessary to reduce your stress in order to get rid of the PCOS condition. You should go with yoga camps and meditation because these will give you real relief from stress and depression.

Improper Sleep

Many people experiencing this condition due to improper sleep or rest. Improper sleep or insomnia condition is connected to low levels of progesterone hormones. Due to this, you will surely experience the PCOS condition. You must take proper sleep and rest in order to treat the PCOS problem.

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