Can I Have My Own Baby With Endometriosis?

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Can I Have My Own Baby With Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is one the responsible factors that forbade the women to enjoy the feeling of motherhood. Endometriosis is the painful condition that can put a question mark on the fertility of female but now it is possible to get pregnant even if you are suffering from this condition. Before opting for a solution to this problem it is important to understand what is the problem?


The lining of the female uterus is known as endometrium and it is responsible for the menstrual cycle as when it sloughs off than female has bleeding during periods. But if the woman is suffering from endometriosis condition then this unique tissue grows in the ovaries, intestines and even in the lining of the pelvis. This growth creates a problem for women as in these areas also this tissue breaks down and cause bleeding like uterus but the blood does not come out.

This blood turns into cysts, scar tissue or adhesions and even can cause the organs to bind together to create the problematic situation.


Women with endometriosis feel pelvic pain and cramping as the most common system of this condition. Women with this condition also face difficulty when they think of having their baby as it causes infertility problem in them.

How can endometriosis affect pregnancy?

How can endometriosis affect pregnancy?

In the natural conception process the egg travel from ovaries and after passing from fallopian tubes comes to the uterus for fertilization and then gets implanted in the uterine lining but if the women are having endometriosis in their fallopian tube then egg cannot travel to the uterus so cannot lead to pregnancy.

Even growth of this tissue in the areas where it should not be grown can damage the woman egg or male sperm so can become a hindrance for your conception. If you are trying to have your baby but cannot conceive even after six months of unprotected sex then it is time to see the doctor for a best possible treatment option for you.

Treatment options for endometriosis

Treatment options for endometriosis

Your infertility doctor can refer you for the following possible treatment options after some tests and examination of the condition

  • Freezing your eggs

If you are having endometriosis in your ovaries then preserving your eggs can be the best option for you as with frozen eggs you can get pregnant later when you wish to be with the treatment like IVF.

  • Super ovulation and IUI

If you are having normal fallopian tubes and your partner has a good quality of sperms then IUI can be an option for you to get pregnant.

  • Fertility Medications

Even some fertility medications can also help you to get out of this painful condition as medicines can help you to ovulate and produce 2-3 mature eggs.

  • IVF

IVF can be the best possible option for the women having endometriosis as this procedure involves fertilization of the extracted egg outside the body under the controlled and mimic conditions of the womb. After fertilization of an egg in the lab, a high quality developed embryo is implanted in the uterus of would be a mother for a happy pregnancy.

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