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What are Endometrial Scratching and its relation with IVF

Endometrial is the advanced technology that is used to enhance the ability of embryo implantation in the uterus after the IVF treatment in Khanna. IVF is the lab assisted reproductive technique in which artificial conception is performed by mixing the eggs and male sperms in the controlled conditions of the lab. After the egg fertilization the developing embryo has been implanted in the womb of an intended mother for a successful pregnancy, sometimes this procedure gets failed due to implantation failure or rejection of embryo implant by the body. Thus endometrial scratching is the advanced technology that improves the receptivity of the uterus for implantation and hence adds to the success rates of IVF.

Why is it combined with IVF?

Why is it combined with IVF?

Studies have claimed that IVF is the successful procedure that can help the couples who are struggling for baby due to their infertility problem, but IVF success relies on the embryo implantation mainly as it is the crucial step of IVF cycle.

If you have chosen the best IVF center in Khanna then you can get the endometrial scratching technique combined with IVF so that you could have a successful pregnancy after the treatment. This advanced technique of improving the ability of the uterus for embryo implantation is also an ideal solution for the women who have several failed cycles of IVF before.

In most of the IVF unsuccessful procedures, the most crucial factor comes in front is the embryo implantation failure that does not let the pregnancy happens after IVF that is why this procedure is combined to give successful results to the intended couples.

What is the endometrial Procedure?

The procedure of endometrial scratching is the same as the method of gaining the sample from an endometrial biopsy.

During the procedure, one flexible catheter of3mm width is inserted through the cervix into the cavity of the uterus. This catheter is moved back and forth and rotated to disrupt the lining of the uterus lining so that embryo can get attached to this lining easily for a successful pregnancy with IVF procedure.

How does it work with IVF?

How does it work with IVF?

As per the opinion of experts, endometrial scratching is the wonderful technique that induces the inflammatory response in females after scratching the uterine lining so it can boost up the chances of implantation by the release of growth factors and hormones and even activate the genes that prepare the endometrium to make implantation successful.

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