Is IVF, Solution To All Infertility problems?

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Is IVF, Solution To All Infertility problems?

The problem of infertility is common for many couples. The couple is not able to get pregnant in spite of trying for several months or years. In this case, fertility treatment can help women to conceive. The medications and treatment should be started early so that you can see the results early and the right time. One of the best ways to treat the problem is with IVF treatment. Most of the couples are not aware that the treatment can help to get rid of some issues of infertility. Some of the problems which can be treated with In-Vito-fertilization are given below:

  • Genetic Disease: If a couple is facing any type of genetic disease and the risk is very high, then IVF is the best option in this case. This is also suitable for those couples who are experiencing miscarriage for a long time and it is due to a genetic problem. In this situation, IVF is given with preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGS) or preimplantation genetic screening (PGD). These test will check the embryo and the particular disease.
  • Ovulation problem: Your age can affect the ovulation process and due to this, the quality of the eggs is also decreased. This issue can be solved with IVF. The doctor will suggest you different fertility drugs which will help your ovaries to produce multiple eggs. For the treatment, you should visit the best IVF center.
  •  Blocked Fallopian tube: IVF can also help if your Fallopian tubes are blocked. The Fallopian tube connects your ovaries to the uterus. When the egg is ovulated it has to reach the uterus and if it will not reach there then how the sperm will get the egg. Due to this, women will not get pregnant. So, you should consult the doctor properly regarding the problem you are facing so that he can suggest the best method of treatment.
  • Male infertility: In the case of men the problem is only related to sperm count and how healthy the sperm is. The sperm will get into the uterus and it will fertilize an egg. As it is very important because for the women to conceive. There are many things that can go wrong in this and it affects fertility. So for this IVF option can also be considered. In this case, IVF is used with ICSI ( intracytoplasmic sperm injection). With this sperm is injected into the egg for fertilization process.

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