Causes of Infertility In Men And Women

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Causes of Infertility In Men And Women

The world’s most beautiful feeling for a couple is when they get to know they are about to welcome a new life in this world. The happiness, low-key fear, expectations every little thing counts which make the tenure of being conceived more alive. A couple feels themselves complete only when a child comes into their life, as a newborn baby fills the entire void in their empty house. But sometimes happiness doesn’t come as the way we think. In a recent study, it shows that about 20 percent of people who are trying to conceive a baby is becoming more close to infertility. In this fast-paced world, people are so much busy and hectic that they have no time for planning a family. Due to infertility problems, many couples are turning to IVF treatment.

In Vitro fertilization as its name suggests, it is a process where sperm is fertilized with an egg outside the body. Mostly this process happens in a laboratory.IVF treatment also depends upon the complicity of the units on where it is supposed to perform. If as a couple, you are unable to conceive then most likely you will relate to these causes.

1. Stress is counted as one of the main factors in a couple life. A gap of communication and always staying enclosed in your own life, these are some reasons which eventually lead you to some troubles that makes you feel sometimes you no longer relate to each other. Take out some time from your busy and hectic schedule, share your problems with each other and try to create a bond of affirmation.

2. Women having irregular periods due to hormonal balance also attribute to the fact of infertility. Some women also have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which is a syndrome that causes hormonal variation issues. Its symptoms are comprised of hirsutism which means excess hair, acne, inevitable weight gain or increased anxiety.

3. Men who have a varicocele, also become more close in facing infertility, avaricocele is likely to occur when the veins of men’s scrotum are abnormal.It causes tension,swelling or even a lump in testicles.In this case, it is always recommended to visit a doctor.4.Tubal Infertility is also another common factor that causes infertility in women.In TFI, fallopian tubes get blocked due to which the sperm becomes unable to reach to the ovary.Many treatments are available for curing TFI, some of these involves a surgical procedure.But if all the methods fail, then mostly IVF treatment is processed to conceive a child.

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