दैनिक सवेरा और ईवा अस्पताल के आईवीऍफ़ चेकअप केम्प में बेऔलाद दम्पत्यों में जगी उम्मीद

“दैनिक सवेरा” और ईवा अस्पताल के सहयोग से रविवार को मुफत (आई.वी.ऍफ़.) चेकअप केम्प लगाया गया | ईवा अस्पताल की गयनाक्लोजिस्ट एवं आई.वी.ऍफ़. विशेषज्ञ डा. शिवानी भुटानी ने बेऔलाद दम्पत्यों को मुफ्त कंसल्टेशन दी | उन्होंने दम्पत्यों की मेडिकल जाँच के साथ उन्हें भावी पर्किर्या के प्रति जागरूक करते हुए उनकी बुझी उम्मीद को एक […]

Infertility: Is Contraception to be Blamed?

Contraception and Fertility While humans have a natural urge to reproduce, they would like to postpone bringing their bundles of joy into the world by a few years. Married couples often delay pregnancy under the pressure of career demands or financial insecurity. They employ various methods of contraception to delay parenthood. There is a lot […]

An Exposure to Polluted Zones Will Indeed Affect Your IVF Success

Earlier studies suggested that an exposure to unclean or polluted air can trigger female infertility, but that was somehow overlooked by some fertility doctors and women. With time, fertility experts began spreading awareness of the potential risks linked to polluted areas in pregnant women and women generally. Pollution sources considered for the study included wood […]

Obesity: One of the Major Causes of Infertility in Women Today

As seasons go by and time unfolds itself, the desire to conceive is stirred in a woman. It’s completely natural since that is one of the fundamentals of being a complete woman. However, as some finally attain an urge of parenthood in the future, they are faced with various complications that may even require adopting. […]

Are You Trying to Get Pregnant? These are the Foods to Stay Away From

A woman’s menstrual cycle can facilitate pregnancy naturally, however, due to a number of factors like stress, genetics, ovulation disorders, infection, endometriosis, among others, a woman can experience trouble conceiving. For every woman out there, whether affected by infertility or not, here are the foods that can prevent you from getting pregnant. Processed Drinks They […]

Tubal Infection in Women: Do They Trigger Infertility?

Unfortunately, symptoms of a tubal infection can disguise themselves and mistakenly be taken for granted or for another condition. Worldwide, tubal issues are some of the commonest causes of infertility in reproductive women. Although one can hardly ascertain any issue with the tubes, regular gynaecology checkups and ultrasounds can help reduce the risk of infertility […]

Best Tips to Cope with Your Psychological Episodes during IVF or IUI Treatment

Considering infertility treatments like IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) or IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) to achieve parenthood is a global trend due to the hiking levels of infertility. Generally, these ART techniques are easily understood with a mere discussion, but the true core concept will actually leave you contemplating about the previous decisions. […]

Facts About Infertility- This is what You Must Know

Infertility is currently a major topic in India and worldwide. Much as India is known for its high population globally, it is quite puzzling to digest the fact that India has a fertility rate of 2.4 births per woman according to the latest statistics. With a population growth of 1.2% annually, there isn’t any guarantee […]