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Can Women with Endometriosis choose IVF for safe results?

Endometriosis is getting common in the young women and it has been diagnosed as the major cause of infertility in women. Endometriosis is the painful condition of pelvic that makes the women unable to get pregnant. However, the advanced procedures like IVF can help the Endometriosis women to conceive.

IVF is an advanced procedure in which female eggs are fertilized with the male sperm under the controlled conditions of the lab that mimic the mother womb so without bothering about the natural conception process in the fallopian tubes, women can get pregnant with IVF procedure. Thus, IVF can be taken as the option for having a baby even with the endometriosis condition.

The Endo women who choose the IVF as a solution for their infertility, have a major concern about the outcomes of the procedure means whether they will have the safe results after IVF or not?


Is it safe to get IVF with Endometriosis?

 Is it safe to get IVF with Endometriosis?

Many researchers have been conducted to know about the safety of results with IVF for the Endo women. According to experts, IVF is the ideal solution for such women who are suffering from the painful condition of endometriosis.

Endometriosis is the hormone-dependent condition means it may grow with the increased level of estrogen so the condition can be inflamed in the egg retrieval phase of the IVF cycle. During the IVF ovulation is induced to get a number of eggs at the time the level of estrogen may increase in the women so if the female already have endometriosis condition then the condition can vary with the varied level of hormones.

However, the experts have cleared that IVF does not lead to spread the endometriosis in the other organs of pelvic however it can exaggerate the symptoms of this condition like bleeding and pain but for a shorter period not for permanent basis.

But if the extent of this condition is quite extensive that it is impossible to access the follicles safely then there can be risk of some dangerous outcomes with IVF but this risk can be minimized if you have chosen the experienced IVF doctor as your doctor will give you some alternate procedure to minimize the risk combined with IVF so that you can have safe results after the completion of IVF cycle.

If you have chosen the right Endometriosis specialist and the IVF expert then it is possible to get the safe results after the lab assisted reproductive procedure.

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