Blastocyst Transfer

Blastocyst Transfer & How it Works

While attaining IVF treatment in advanced IVF centres, Blastocyst transfer in India has become a norm intended to increase the IVF success rate. Blastocyst transfer provides assured chances of conception once there is timed uterine lining.

Blastocyst & How it works?

In the traditional IVF treatment cycle, the eggs are retrieved from a woman and then, are meticulously fertilized in a modern laboratory. Once fertilization occurs, the embryos are immediately transferred to the woman’s uterus for implantation.

With IVF and Blastocyst transfer, the embryos are kept to transform into blastocysts, that happens after 5 or 7 days after fertilization. At the stage of Blastocyst, the embryos are introduced and there is easier implantation.

Blastocysts & Reducing the likelihood of Multiple Births

By leaving the embryos to develop to the stage of blastocysts, the fertility experts are able to thoroughly observe the embryos that can continue developing or not. By this, the doctor is able to transfer two or three viable embryos, which reduces or eliminates the risk for multiple births unlike in the traditional IVF cycle where three to six embryos are transferred to cause multiple births.

The Blastocyst Transfer Cost in India may seem high for numerous patients, but it is worth combating the risk of multiple pregnancies. With the procedure, the fertility experts are able to;

  • Screen the embryos
    Since the embryos are monitored for a longer period, the fertility experts are able to screen the embryos of any deformities and defects to prevent transferring unreliable embryos.
  • Embryo selection
    The procedure also helps to select the best embryos for transfer to prevent triplets or quadruplets (multiple births).

Fertility experts at Eva Hospital offer world-class protocols for Blastocyst transfer to increase your chances of conception and also render your pregnancy safe.

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