Artificial Insemination And Treatment of Infertility

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Artificial Insemination And Treatment of Infertility

Artificial insemination is explained as Intrauterine Insemination. This treatment is usually designed for males for conception when they have less sperm count or poor quality of sperm. Additionally, this is a process in which your surgeon transfer sperm cells into the uterus in order to get your female partner pregnant. 

This process is performed before the IVF treatment in India in order to treat infertility in men.

Many people lean toward In-vitro fertilization treatment because it gives them more successful results. Moreover, this procedure is totally safe which includes the collection of eggs, combined with the sperm outside the human body, fertilization, and at last implant them in the uterus.

What Is The Process Of Artificial Insemination Infertility Procedure?

This process is useful for those who are unable to conceive after many attempts of intercourse. In this process, your doctor transfers sperm into women’s uterus with the help of thin tube called a catheter which is totally safe. In addition, first, your surgeon examines you and your partner in order to get the reason behind infertility. After then collect the sample of sperm and choose the healthy cells with the goal to place it into the uterus.

Artificial Insemination for Male Infertility

There are lots of benefits of this process for people who are suffering from male infertility. This procedure is usually for people with low sperm count, a poor quality sperm, and low sperm motility. They can get an advantage of this process because it is used to safely place the healthy sperm cells into the uterus. Sometimes this process is performed where ladies are suffered from Endometrium problem. It additionally removes the barriers created by antibodies in order to harm sperm count. Without healthy sperm, conception is not possible for couples.

What Are The Purposes Of Artificial Insemination?

No doubt this procedure will give many benefits in order to conceive. Additionally, this procedure has some purposes and goals that will give you great success such as-:

  • Implanting a maximum number of healthy sperm cells into the lady’s reproductive in the tract in order to get fast and successful results.
  • Getting a high concentration of sperm in order to increase the odds of it reaching the egg to achieve fertilization.

Moreover, this is the single procedure which gives you more successful results without any complication and side effects. But the success of this procedure depends on the diagnosis and reason behind infertility. You should converse with your doctor in order the get the physical examination which is useful to diagnose the reason behind this condition.

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