Affordable, Reliable and Successful Parenting Recourse for Couples Struggling to Conceive

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Affordable, Reliable and Successful Parenting Recourse for Couples Struggling to Conceive

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) couple have to expend near about $4000 to fulfill dream of fostering a baby and generally it is not considered cost- effective by most of the families or it seems out of budget treatment but further inventions in IVF has set new benchmarks by introducing options for such couples.

Many things make IVF costly, to take care of eggs and embryos outside the body, air filtration systems, incubators with alarm systems and embryologists who nurture and make the environment up to several days, so the goal was to minimize the cost, less medicines, less monitoring that provides extra savings.

The way out for Standard IVF:

IUI (intrauterine insemination) or commonly referred as artificial insemination (AI). It is a simple fertility technique involving no or less drugs than traditional IVF. It is generally done in conditions for example, male infertility, hostile cervical mucus or unexplained infertility; however, this treatment is not recommended to female with blocked fallopian tubes, severe endometriosis or having previous pelvic infection.

Secondary infertility is also considered the reason to go childless parent, when you have 1 or 2 children biologically but trying to conceive for the 3rd sometimes it becomes impossible to do so because it is easy to get pregnant up to early 40s but women’s eggs quality and quantity drops with age and also depends upon how many children you had previously, this also soar the chances of miscarriage. However, men’s fertility does not go as women’s and it mainly the sperm count go down with factors like nutrition, lifestyle, disease or age. Moreover, medications and diseases like diabetes may stagnate the process but in some cases it gets restored post proper care.

Success rate is 8 to 17 % when fertility medicines and IUI are combined. Researchers found that success rate depend upon age and cause of infertility. Other factors like weight gain and smoking affects both genders equally.

The biggest advantage is cost and also depends upon clinic to clinic but on an average it is guessed between $1000- $1200. And procedure is quite simple you do not need to go to the doctor for the procedure; your husband can provide semen a day before IUI; if you are using donor then sperm will be thawed and prepared, semen is the purest form of sperm, post washing of sperm impurities get washed out and only meaningful is taken for conception. After IUI, 10 to 14 days doctor will do blood test to confirm pregnancy.

Due to higher pregnancy rate INVOcell may supersede IUI, however cannot be termed as a complete replacement of standard IVF.

It has been tested for women under 38, when normal ovarian reserve present but for other groups it is still under scrutiny. Additionally the cost of INVOcell is approximately higher than the IUI’s 3 cycles but half of the cost of traditional IVF.

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