Adhesions Can Trigger Infertility In Many Women

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Adhesions Can Trigger Infertility In Many Women

What are adhesions?

Adhesions are explained as scar tissue which is responsible to block the fallopian tubes. This can be caused due to infection such as pelvic inflammatory diseases or appendix, such types of surgeries, and endometriosis. Surgeries include tissue incisions, cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and handling of the internal organs. And infections contain gynecological infections and abdominal infections which can trigger adhesions. Moreover, a study reveals that adhesions can affect infertility because they can distort the pelvic anatomy.

Adhesions and Infertility

Adhesions are responsible for female infertility because it can stop eggs to reach the uterus. Adhesions develop some problems in Fallopian tubes such, twist, kink, and pull them so that they cannot carry the egg to the uterus. In addition, these adhesions can lead to decreased mobility and function which can worsen the infertility condition. Moreover, this condition can distort the pelvic anatomy which is known as pelvic adhesion and cause infertility. Many ladies encounter this condition due to pelvic infection but the signs of pelvic infection are not noticeable without the physical examination. You can talk to your doctor he will examine you and then recommend the infertility treatment in order to conception.

Fallopian tube and ovary interaction

Generally, the ovaries and fallopian tubes can interact easily with each other. These both parts are essential for fertilization because ovaries move eggs to fallopian tubes in order to conceive. but due to adhesions fallopian tubes are unable to get eggs that are necessary for conception. Adhesions form a barrier between the fallopian tube and ovaries additionally stop eggs to reach. Moreover, if a woman has pelvic adhesion that cannot conceive a baby and this cause pain and other health conditions.

Treatment of adhesions and infertility

You should converse with your doctor immediately if you see and notice any symptom of adhesions which cause infertility. Firstly he will examine you through physical examination and then decide what to do. He will tell you what type of procedure do you need according to your condition.

There are different types of procedure that are useful to improve fertility. But the surgery is the main and effective treatment for pelvic and normal adhesion. In this surgery, your surgeon cuts and removes the pelvic adhesions so that you can conceive a  baby without any obstacle. Sometimes, adhesions again occur even after the surgery but it is not normal for everyone. Only some people encounter this condition again due to some other treatments.

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