6 Ways To Avoid Spreading Of Tb Infection

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6 Ways To Avoid Spreading Of Tb Infection

Despite the cases being less, it is a bitter truth that TB germs are still prevalent and you might end up with the condition if you are not careful. Of course, you must be knowing that it is better to present the disease than curing it. Tuberculosis treatment is readily available at all the hospitals and clinics. One need not be scared to avail TB treatment as it is successful in eliminating the disease from the root. If however, proper treatment is not done, the disease might spread to other organs from the lungs and cause the infected organs to malfunction.Tuberculosis treatment cost may vary according to your location. Various clinics have a different cost structure for the treatment.

TB: An airborne Disease

The disease is airborne and can be transmitted through the air. So a person who is carrying active germs can be a potential carrier of the disease. Active germs mean that the TB germs are still there in the body and actively multiplying and spreading within it. Coming in close contact with such a person will expose you to chances of becoming infected. This is exactly why the TB patients are requested to stay away from others as much as possible until they cease to be potential infectors.

How To Curb The Spread Of Tb?

In the case of active TB disease,you will need medication for a period of 6 to 12 months. It is imperative that you take your medicines on time until the course ends , even if you feel alright.

If you have latent TB, which means that the germs are still there but they are not active yet,  you will not be able to spread the disease, but you will need medication to avoid them from becoming active.

It is advised that you follow the given tips to avoid spreading the disease to others-

  1. Consume all the medicines properly till the prescription period ends.
  2. Attend all the appointments scheduled by the doctor.
  3. Cover your mouth when you sneeze or a cough. The action will help in preventing the germs from spreading from your mouth and nose. The tissue used for covering should be disposed off in a plastic bag after sealing it properly.
  4. After coughing or sneezing, wash your hands to make them germ-free.
  5. It is best to avoid interacting with people for their own good. Refrain from visiting others or inviting them over to your place until the doctor gives you a green signal.
  6. Avoid using public transportation for a while as you might end up infecting a lot of other people.

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