6 Reasons to Schedule An Appointment with a Fertility Expert

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6 Reasons to Schedule An Appointment with a Fertility Expert

Records indicate that a majority of women only visits a gynaecologist in cases of an STD, abnormal vaginal discharge, or experience discomfort while urinating. When it comes to married women, an average of them will only visit a fertility doctor in case of a failure to conceive within a period of 1 year of trying. It is also uncommon these days for couples to postpone conception for various reasons.

However, fertility specialists recommend couples to have a complete fertility checkup before they think of having children. Acting at the last moment exerts a greater amount of pressure on couples since their hopes are at times reduced. In case you fall into any of these categories, it is essential to see a fertility expert soon;

  1. You Have Been trying For Over 1 Year

According to fertility specialists, your age is a big determinant when it comes to conception. Chances of getting pregnant for women aged under 30 are quite higher and an increase in age automatically reduces a woman’s chance of conceiving easily. Normally, some couples believe that having unprotected intercourse guarantees pregnancy which is not. A couple should schedule an appointment for specialized testing.

  1. You Have Irregular Periods

If not genetically triggered, your irregular periods may be triggered by stress, age advancement, weight fluctuations, medications, eating disorders, and strenuous physical exercises. A number of women are unaware of the actual cause of their irregular periods and that is why you must see a fertility expert for an evaluation. On the other hand, you may have irregular periods due to ovulation disorders.

  1. Your Periods Stopped Coming Some Time Back

As long as you are aged 35 and below, missing your period is a serious issue that requires urgent intervention. In the real sense, having no periods signifies anovulation and conception is surely compromised. Factors linked to anovulation include PCOS, Perimenopause, or Low Ovarian Reserves, Premature ovarian failure, Stress, among other factors. It is quite hard to ascertain the actual cause of ovulatory dysfunction on your own, hence the need to see a fertility expert.

  1. You Have Never Given Birth Before or Have Ever, But Things Are…

Apart from male and female infertility, Primary and Secondary infertility are two other forms of infertility that couples must watch out for. Primary infertility is the commonest form of infertility in couples and it means a complete failure to give birth. On the other hand, secondary infertility is when a couple fails to conceive again despite the fact of having successful pregnancies in the past. Secondary infertility affects 13% of couples and can be triggered by several of reasons.

  1. You Have Had Miscarriages in the Past

Records indicate that a number of fertile women go ahead to experience a miscarriage during their first pregnancy. However, experiencing multiple miscarriages surely indicates a barrier that must be eliminated as soon as possible. Genetics, uterine problems, hormonal imbalances, stress, thyroid disease, and diabetes are some of the reasons for miscarriages in women. You may not have any symptom of any of these conception barriers, hence the need for a fertility checkup.

  1. In Case You Haven’t Had a Comprehensive Fertility Checkup Before

A comprehensive fertility checkup goes beyond the regular gynaecologist checkups. This specialized checkup evaluates your entire reproductive system and also involves a blood work with ultrasounds. For couples struggling with infertility, you ought to find the best infertility expert in Ludhiana for realistic results. You will have blood tests to look at your hormones, an HSG to evaluate your Fallopian tubes and the uterus. Since you are married, your husband will also have a semen analysis to evaluate the quality of his sperms and count.

Infertility is estimated to affect 50 million couples currently and one’s risk increases with age advancement, previous PID, pelvic infection, and genetic factors. It is necessary to have periodic checkups depending on your age and your health records.

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