5 Most Common Early Signs Of Pregnancy

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5 Most Common Early Signs Of Pregnancy

If you had unprotected sex and after that, you miss your period then the first thing that comes in your mind is about being pregnant but there can be possibilities on both sides. You may be sure about your pregnancy if you have started feeling the early pregnancy signs however the intensity, frequency, and duration of these signs may vary for every woman but the following are some common occurring early pregnancy signs that can make you more confirmed about your conception.

Tender And Swollen Breasts

The first signal of pregnancy can be given by your breasts as after two weeks of conception your breasts start getting tender and even you may notice some swelling in your breasts.  Fuller, heavier and tender breasts are the result of hormonal changes occurred in the body due to pregnancy.

Fatigue And Tiredness

You may start feeling tired in your early days of pregnancy. It may happen due to the rising level of progesterone during early days and even your body feels fatigue due to low blood pressure, low blood sugar level and even due to an increased level of blood production.

Mild Bleeding Or Cramping

Mild vaginal bleeding or spotting is considered as the first sign of pregnancy as it is the implantation bleeding and it happens even if you are getting pregnant by considering IVF procedure due to your unexplained infertility. When the fertilized egg or developing embryo attaches to the lining of the uterus after 10-14days of fertilization then you may experience mild vaginal bleeding and cramps also as you feel during your menstrual cycle. This bleeding is spottier and lighter in color than the normal period bleeding so you can easily differentiate it and be sure about your pregnancy.


Pregnant women may experience from nausea with or without vomiting and it is the obvious sign of pregnancy f you are taking infertility treatment. It is also known as the morning sickness and it is the one of an obvious and classic symptom of pregnancy. This morning sickness can happen due to the rising level of estrogen due to which the stomach gets empty more slowly.  Even some pregnant women also have a heightened the sense of smell like cooking food smell, perfume smell so such women may experience the waves of nausea.


Cravings or food aversions are also a common sign of pregnancy as during pregnancy your nose may turn up for certain foods like fried or junk food. It may happen due to hormonal changes in the body and it may usually appear in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Even some other signs like mood swings, rising body temperature, dizziness, headaches, and constipation can also tell you that you are pregnant.

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