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IVF Centre In Punjab IVF Centre In Ludhiana IVF Ludhiana

With the rise in infertility cases, there has been an alarming rise in the IVF centres all over India. So much so that the infertile couples find themselves perplexed as to which infertility centre to choose. As it is, the couple is undergoing a tough phase in their life. It will help if they could get correct guidance as far as the right infertility centre is concerned. It is quite natural that you will want to avail the best fertility clinic for yourself. Among the many names, we would like to suggest IVF Centre in Punjab as it is one of the best IVF centres in the state.


At IVF centre in Ludhiana, we take perfection as the basic parameter of treating our patients. You can avail the treatment at many places but you will not find the perfection we exercise in every bit of our actions. It’s not a surprise that we are considered among

the best centres if one wants to avail IVF . ivf Ludhiana has been a task made easy by the highly professional attitude of our team. We have turned countless infertility cases into happy parents, thanks to the untiring efforts of our dedicated medical team. We boast of well-qualified doctors who are passionate about their profession. It’s not only the hard work, dedication and the professional credentials of our doctors; it’s also about the personal touch the doctors infuse into every individual case they take up. The couples who have undergone treatment at our clinic will vouch for that. Our utmost professionalism and outstanding performance have elevated us to the position of one of the best infertility clinics in the state.


Our worthy managing director has left no stone unturned in carving a niche for the clinic. However, the success the institution has met is teamwork and the rest of the staff is equally responsible for making the centre what it is today. Our team comprises of fertility specialists, consultants, diligent nurses, geneticists, counsellors, and customer service staff. They all work in coordination to grant the glory of success to the clinic


The customer care and the inquiry department is the first interface between the patients and the clinic. We have a team of polite and understanding customer service executives who will book an appointment for you according to your convenience and the doctor’s availability. Thereafter you will be in the best hands and the best infertility team you could ask for.
Our fertility experts and reproductive specialists perform the requisite tests and try to figure out the reasons for infertility. In some cases, there might be unexplained infertility. In other cases, it might be due to problems in the male or female or both. Male fertility problems might be due to low sperm count, poor morphology, poor motility or inability to produce sperm in the ejaculate. Female fertility problems might arise due to PCOD, pelvic inflammatory disease, blocked fallopian tubes, lack of ovulation or a hostile uterine environment.
The specialist works out a treatment methodology once the reasons for infertility are worked out. Geneticists work at the genetic factors which could be preventing the conception. They also suggest ways to procure the most genetically suitable constituents to ensure the genetic superiority of the offspring.
Round the clock counsellors are available to counsel you on the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of IVF treatment. As we all know, IVF treatment is not an easy job. It is emotionally, physically and financially taxing for the couple. Above all, it has chances of failure. There is pressure on the couple to undergo several cycles before they can hear the good news. They are also bound to be disturbed as they have to shell out a hefty amount for each cycle. The couple can approach the counsellor anytime they want to clear their doubts and attain peace of mind. All the staff excellently coordinates with each other so that the couple faces minimum inconvenience during their stay at the hospital.


Honest opinion
We believe in following the best policy. After the fertility assessment tests, we provide an honest opinion for the couple’s chances of conceiving.

Understanding the emotional aspect of the treatment 
We very well understand that the infertile couples are in a tough spot. Our staff handles the treatment of infertile couples with a degree of emotional maturity.

Dedication, empathy, and compassion
We treat our patients with all these aspects of mind. We offer a perfect confluence of professionalism and personalized approach

Provision of Surrogacy
If the couple is unable to attain favorable results with their own reproductive systems, we have the provisions of surrogacy for them. We have a team of healthy and well-screened sperm donors if the male partner is unable to contribute his sperms to the process. The same goes for the female. If the female partner is unable to bear the child due to problems in the uterus, we can arrange for female surrogates. Female egg donors are also available if the problem lies with the process of egg production.

The Best Techniques
We offer the latest techniques related to ART. We offer IVF, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Cryopreservation, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Blastocyst culture and transfer comprising donor program. They are the latest innovative methods which offer a ray of hope to the infertile population.

Modern infrastructure
While we have harped enough about our exceptional staff and their extremely supportive attitude to the patients, we can’t downplay the role of modern infrastructure in the treatment process. We have the latest research equipment, diagnostic test apparatus, surgery rooms, latest machines, recovery rooms, and the most comfortable patient rooms. The comfort of our patients holds utmost importance for us.
With us, comfort and convenience will accompany you everywhere. It’s not for nothing that we are known as the best IVF clinic in Punjab. Reaching us will not be a difficult task as we are available on the internet, and phone for booking your tryst with the best medical experience.

IVF Centre In Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Welcome to Eva Hospital

Dr. Shivani Bhutani

Dr. Shivani Bhutani: is one of the best IVF Specialist, obstetrician and gynecologist at Eva Hospital Ludhiana. Having specialization in the fertility areas like IVF, ICSI, IUI, she provides excellent care and treatment for childless couples.

Dr. Shivani Bhutani has received her training from the prestigious National University Hospital, Singapore and managed to attain an outstanding performance in the area of specialization “Assisted Reproductive Technology”

Furthermore, Dr. Shivani Bhutani has chaired various international conferences on childlessness and has won numerous awards for her papers at multiple conferences in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Baroda, New Delhi, Singapore, and Pune.

Now, her focus has extended to millions of infertile couples who are struggling to have a baby in their lives. Her working dedication has helped her to bring desired results in more than five thousand patients troubling with various sexual dysfunctions. Meet the FOGSI certified expert for advanced treatments! More

IVF Success Rates 65%+


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Doctor Shivani Bhutani

MBBS ,M.S.(Obs. & Gyn.) F.M.A.S (W.A.L.S.)

About Our Centre

Eva Hospital is a well-established IVF Centre in Ludhiana and at the same time, it is a multispecialty centre. At this platform, Eva Hospital provides the chance of meeting with our fertility expert, who is also a well-renowned obstetrician and gynecologist. From a decade, Dr. Shivani Bhutani with her team of experienced doctors has embarked on proving excellent and advanced treatments to childless couples.

With the help of standard practices such as laparoscopy, excellent laboratory set-up, embryo transfer, and laser hatching, Dr. Bhutani has managed to surpass the effects of infertility in patients, bring forth, healthy babies. Our centre comes with various infertility solutions for sexual dysfunction as well as for obstetrician issues.

We follow excellent protocols in diagnosing and treating patients of all age groups. Also, excellent care is provided to pregnant women, women in labour, and after birth. We look forward to receiving infertile couples at our advanced centre for excellent and necessary treatment with professional care.

EVA Hospital

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Why Choose Us?

A number of factors influence one’s decisions regarding an IVF and OB/GYN centre. While you may be wondering where to go and who may be the right doctor, try Eva hospital as we have all that it takes to handle, diagnose, treat, and monitor childless patients.

Dr. Shivani Bhutani has acquired immense experience in tackling female problems and with her academic background, you will be assured of our best treatment and support ever. As a unique obstetrician, you are encouraged to feel free and have an open conversation with the doctor for maximum help. Numerous reasons to choose us include:

  • Professional patient approach
  • Excellent treatments with advanced technologies
  • Proper diagnostic procedures
  • Advanced hospital with laboratories, modern surgical rooms, OPD, and recovery rooms
  • Excellent care and support
  • Wide range of treatments

Find the right treatments at Eva hospital where your dreams are altered into reality. Reach out to our male and female infertility specialist for proper treatment.

Eva ivf team

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Our Facilities

We provide a wide range of treatments, diagnostic procedures, and health care for mothers and their babies. Some of our facilities encompass the following;

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

IVF is an Assisted Reproductive Technique where the female eggs are surgically harvested from her ovary and combined with the male sperm in a Petri dish to form an embryo.

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

With this form of ART, a single quality sperm is injected into the egg to form an embryo. 

Donor Services at Eva Hospital

We provide excellent donor services that include egg donation, sperm donation, and embryo donation. The best quality eggs, sperms, and embryos are considered for donation purposes.

Laparoscopic Procedures

These are minimally invasive procedures carried out with an ultrasound guidance. Tiny incisions are made to reach the intended organs without causing damage to the surrounding organs.

Mother and Child Care

We provide excellent care and monitoring to every woman before, during, and after delivery. Special care is also provided for the babies.

Sexual Dysfunction treatment

As an experienced gynecologist, Dr. Shivani Bhutani provides excellent treatment for various sexual dysfunctions like Chlamydia, and gonorrhea.

PCOS Treatment

A number of ways can help to eliminate cysts from woman’s ovaries, but in some cases, there can be the requirement of proper medical intervention. The list of our facilities extends;

  • Surrogacy
  • Ovulation Induction
  • Semen Freezing/Banking
  • Embryo cryopreservation
  • Blastocyst Culture

Eva Hospital’s Fertility Services

We provide quality treatments and boundless support to our all patients. Trust us for the better ART treatments


Leading solution for male & female infertility


ICSI- An excellent option for male infertility

Egg or Sperm Donation

Donation services are open at Eva Hospital


Last chance for a baby- Let’s make it work

Ovulation Induction

Natural or assisted Ovulation Induction

Artificial Insemination

Also known as IUI, get pregnant quickly

Laser Assisted Hatching

Zona gapping – assisted implantation

Embryo Cryopreservation

The best Embryo Cryopreservation techniques

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Improved IVF success rate by 25%

Preimplantation Genetic Testing

A mirror to identify genetic defects

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What Patients Say

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