IVF Specialists Now Focusing on Embryo Implantation Failure

Latest studies indicate that the IVF success rate hasn’t improved for a decade now, yet millions of couples flock to numerous IVF centres with hope to combat infertility. For pregnancy to occur, an embryo must implant in the uterine wall, but in a majority of IVF treatments, the embryo normally fails to implant in the […]

Amazing Wonders of IVF in Celebrity Couples

To some, IVF practices are completely a new ideology, but our popular celebrity couples both national and international are living evidence of how IVF has lived long enough to spread happiness worldwide. These couples who were once silent about their option for IVF, have opened up recently about their move to end their silent sorrows […]

Pain During Ovulation- Is It Normal?

In case you are keen about your body’s response in every circumstance, you will find that certain occurrences or changes are witnessed during ovulation. Pain or cramping during ovulation is normal and that shouldn’t worry you. Ovulation, also known as Mittelschmerz, is a period of the month in which an ova “an egg” is released […]